Thanks for Your Patience, Update on New Telephone System

Thank you for your patience as we continue to work out the kinks of our new phone system. We receive on average of 1,000 calls every day and are diligently working to make sure your call gets to the appropriate person.

New Phone Menu

Now when you call our practice, you will be greeted with a message and several phone prompts. To help direct you to the right place, please review the selections and their direct extensions below.

To schedule an appointment – Once selected and after 90 seconds on hold, patients have the option of 1) entering their phone number for a call back, 2) leaving a voice message or 3) holding on the line for the next available operator. The preferrable option is pressing 1 for a call back. This allows you to still maintain your position in queue but be free to attend to other things rather than waiting on hold. Press 1 or dial extension 8000
To follow up on a medical referral Press 1 or dial extension 8000
To schedule new work comp appointment Press 1 or dial extension 5000
For medical records Press 3 or dial extension 4000
For prescription refills and prescription requests – This mailbox is continually checked throughout the day. For a faster response, please call your pharmacy directly. They in turn will contact our clinical staff with a refill request if needed. Press 3 or dial extension 3000
For imaging inquiries Press 5 or dial extension 2000
For specialty medication requests Press 5 or dial extension 2001
For surgery scheduling Press 6 or
For surgical authorizations, dial ext 2151
For Drs. Hollmann and Turnbull, dial ext 2153
For Drs. Reed and Lavoie, dial 2150
For Drs. Steen Brodrick and Watts, dial ext 2152
For scheduling an EMG or ESI procedure Press 6 or
For ESI procedures, dial extension 6000
For EMG procedures, dial extension 7000
To leave a message on our clinical message line – This mailbox is continually checked throughout the day. Messages left after 4 pm, may not be returned until the next business day. Press 7 or extension 1000
For questions regarding billing Press 8


Other Ways to Communicate with FOA

  • Patients may communicate electronically with our clinical staff by using our secure Patient Portal. The portal gives patients access to view their next appointment and medical records, and to ask non-urgent questions of our clinical staff. Please do not use the portal for after-surgical care questions.
  • You can also reach us by using the contact form on the Contact Us page of our website. We do our best to answer each inquiry within 2 business days.